About SAM

Southern Association Management (SAM) is a well-established and seasoned management company. We currently manage fifty-eight condominiums, HOA, and Master Associations ranging from 10 to 275 units or homes including commercial properties. SAM is very familiar with multi-use condominium where owners reside full time, utilize the unit as a second home, rent thru long term lease, and have commercial space. SAM also has experience with boat docks/marinas.

SAM first and foremost wants to make a positive difference in the association both facilities wise and ownership experience. Maintaining current property values and increasing them over time is the goal we strive for so owners may take great advantage of their investment. Establishing and enforcing rules, keeping all things in working order, and keeping the condominium clean is paramount to the enjoyment of living or vacationing at condominium. It is a partnership with the Board of Directors that these things can be accomplished.

Communication with the Board and entire Ownership is the key to success. Utilizing all available tools to include an association web site, association calendars, newsletters (sample included), email blasts, personal phone calls, the CAM and SAM will "over communicate" with the Owners. The CAM will send the Board of Directors weekly updates on all open issues, projects and events of the week. The CAM and SAM Managing Partners will return phone calls and return emails as soon as possible.

Maintaining the common property both in the short term and over the long haul is a particular strong suit of SAM. In the past eight years we have overseen major renovations and structural reconstitution of several beach front condominiums. We've implemented daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspection programs to prevent such needs in others. No CAM in SAM stands alone as we bring the entire team together weekly to discuss best practices, who are the best venders, and how to assist each other. We provide continuing education and training to CAMs and maintenance staff on Risk Management, Preventative Maintenance, Systems Maintenance, etc.

SAM sources the right vendor, contractor, or professionalservice for the associations we manage. SAM will not take any "kickpacks", percent overage, or otherwise benefit financially from those we obtain services from on behalf of the association. In garnering the CPA, engineer, landscaper, painter, pest control or whomever, SAM looks to obtain the best value for the association, not SAM. We work closely with the Board of Directors to develop a detailed RFP and Scope of Work and only form there can we perform competitive bid process. Fortunately, SAM's size and reputation on the Emerald Coast allows us to leverage pricing for the Association. Being a company in the business for this long, we know the venders to go after and the ones to avoid. Once in place the CAM and others at SAM make sure performance is up to the contractual agreement and standards set in the scope of work.


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