General and Administrative
Association Web Site and Owner Communication
  • Create and manage Association's web page that includes online documents, membership and property information, owner communication tools, notices and minutes, and online payment capability.  The web page and emails are the primary methods of communication. Owners have access to our Online Services .
  • Assist in the preparation of notices, bulletins, newsletters, and other general correspondence directed to all homeowners when required.

Board of Directors and Membership Meetings

  • Prepare, post and/or mail notices and agendas for all scheduled and unscheduled meetings.  Arrange for meeting space if needed.
  • Prepare election notices, ballots, proxies and other related requirements for annual or special meetings of the membership.
  • Attend meetings and assist Board President in conducting the meeting in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Take minutes in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.  Post minutes on Association’s web page and maintain copy for record.

Record Keeping

  • Maintain the Association’s Corporate Book, membership rosters, all financial record books, accounts and other records required to be kept by the Association.
  • All records will be available on the Association’s web page.
  • Act as a liaison with Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Closing Agents and Legal Representatives to provide necessary information for Real Estate transactions. 
  • Maintain all individual records in accordance with Privacy Act standards
  • Governing Document and Regulatory Compliance
  • Strictly follow and take actions to comply with laws, statutes, and ordinances or rules of pertinent government authorities.
  • Adhere to the condominium’s Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations and neighborhoods Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.
  • Help educate the Board and Owners on these documents.
  • Assist the Board and/or appointed committees in the enforcement of the Association’s governing documents and rules and regulations.
  • Work with the Association’s legal counsel for document and/or statute interpretation, amendment to documents and, or other legal matters.
  • Ensure association meets all licensing, permitting and inspection requirements to include but not limited to balconies, public pools and spas, elevators, and annual corporate report.

Personnel Management

  • Manage all personnel hired by Southern Association Management or directly hired by the association involved with association management or maintenance related functions.
  • Provide payroll services.
  • Ensure individuals hold proper licensing if required and are trained, equipped, and organized to perform assigned functions.
  • Safety of all employees is of paramount importance and all regulatory and risk management guidance will be strictly enforced.

Contract Management

  • Oversee all contracts, sub-contacts, and contractor personnel to ensure compliance with scope of work (SOW) and agreed upon performance.
  • Contractors must be licensed, bonded, and insured for work performed.
  • Ensure contactor and personnel adhere to all regulatory guidance and maintain proper safety, security, and respect for association property.
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating a statement of work (SOW) for a particular need and in the preparation of request for proposal (RFP) to go out for bids.
  • Negotiate with potential contractors and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on acceptance.



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