Common Property Maintenance

Buildings, Components, Pools, Landscaping, Mechanical Systems

  • Employ and/or supervise the Association’s common area maintenance and cleaning staff. Schedule and review maintenance work related to the buildings and grounds. Review contracts and services provided to the Association.
  • Ensure that all the property and common areas of the association are properly maintained, in good working order, cleaned, and free of trash and debris.
  • Create, perform or have maintenance staff perform detailed periodic inspections of all areas. Report any major discrepancy to the Board with recommendations to solve the issue.
  • Ensure maintenance staff or contactors perform proper periodic and preventive maintenance on in accordance with manufacturer guidelines or generally accepted practices to increase useful life and retain any warranties.
  • Assist in the supervision and coordination of construction and/or renovation of common areas as directed by the Board.

Utilities and Services

  • Ensure all utility and service companies uphold service agreements and are paid in a timely manner to prevent interruption of service.
  • Ensure pest control, including termite prevention, is in place and termite bond is executed.
  • Coordinate waste removal efforts.
  • Recommend conservation initiatives to lower utility usage.

Deferred Maintenance and Capital Expenditures

  • Assist in determining long term maintenance and capital expenditure needs requiring replacement/reserve funds.
  • Create long term maintenance and replacement plan.
  • For complex facilities, work with engineering firms to establish maintenance plans, replacement and reserve schedules

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